Monday, November 8, 2010

Bridge the Distance

This is a great idea if you live apart from your grand kids, nieces/nephews or that special child in your life. Hallmark has come up with a way that you can read them a story anytime they like with their recordable books.

Just begin recording, and read through every page (adding kids names when you can or I love you's are highly encouraged by me !). Then, when you have it juuuust right, lock in the recording with the flip of a switch and it lasts -- even through battery changes. LOVE IT!

There's a choice of 15 books -- some holiday themed. Prices are between $25-35, and you can get Hallmark Gold Crown points as you go. Or, Google Hallmark recordable books and see if you can find other price points.

Stay close to someone who might be a little further than you'd wish with this great gift.


Ms M. said...

I think we just found a gift for Madison this year! GREAT idea!

Kowabunga Mama said...

Wish mine was young enough for this great gift!! Thanks.