Saturday, December 4, 2010

AMAZING Chrystal Christmas Lights- MUST HAVE!

I can't tell you how incredible these lights are-- you have to see them lit up in person to believe it. They are like no other I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot, since I have been professionally shopping for decades!). I found them in a florist's store after Christmas last year at half price and I snatched up the only two they had left. Been searching online for a year to find more with no luck and today, viola -- Amazon has them!The colors are so vivid, and the substantial chrystal-glass bulbs are an unusual almost shape: like a short dollop of whipped cream almost,with a rippled texture. They are not LED, but are made extra bright and sparkly somehow. This set comes in a mix of 5 colors on the 17.5 foot strand --gorgeous navy blue, a rich burgandy, true red and green and pretty shade of yellow. The electrical cord connecting them are substantial, each bulb has a plastic clip to hold it to a branch or help you connect to an outdoor bush or the eaves of your roof, and yes, that means they are indoor/outdoor. The glass is not flimsy, being chrystal, but it IS glass, so I am going to treat mine with the utmost of care. I want to have these forever.

They are nothing short of Dazzling and of the highest quality. Run don't walk to order at Amazon now for $24.99!

The maker, Kurt S. Adler, has many unusual lights for all occasion (even those old fashioned bubblers). You can Google their own website to see what else they make if these aren't your cup of tea, but oddly, Amazon seems to have a far greater selection and it's much clearer to shop from there too. There is also a chrystal set in just red and green. These pictures just don't do their brilliance justice. Your tree or front yard will have everyone oohing and aahing with these lights on them!
They also have a multi-colored thin glass bulb set and a pastel set, which could look amazing on white trees, metallic trees or in the baby's room (or heck, to give pizzaz to the decor at a baby shower). They are not chrystal and not as bright, but certainly are worth a mention.

Please let me know if you get them in the comments!

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Woodswoman d'Italia said...

They look wonderful. Unfortunately, I just saw this post and they're $32 now, and of course Christmas is over. I can't afford to buy these at the moment, but put them in my wish list on Amazon so I won't lose track of them. Beautiful!