Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Cool Toys

Flower Fairies from are charming, colorful and very different. There's a fairy horse and a Fairy princess as well, from $7.95- 410.95. Click around on the site, as they have lots of options.

Dodge Tag -- a kind of dodgeball and laser tag combo. It's a high energy game, that challenges kids to hit the Velcro targets. Comes with two colorful vests with targets and balls to toss at them! $18.00

The Razor -- Kind of a big Wheel $130 - you just have to go on the site to read about it, so click the link and check it out. You can find retailers through their site.

Push, Pull, Ride! Amazing little 3 in one toy, well built and attractive, by a name we all remember and trust -- Radio Flyer. This is something a child (18-36 mo) can sit on and be pulled, but the seat turns upside down and locks back in to make a wagon. They have a cute "girls" version where the handle is pink and the handle is a caterpillar face. Only $34.99 at Amazon.

Saucer Scramble Game by Mattel -- $35 but I found it for as low as $15.90 on Amazon. Ages 5 and up, but I bet teens would like it too. Great customer reviews (if you want to read them.) You may want to buy some replacement discs too. Seems to me they can get easily lost.

HyperBlast from$30 orGoogle for better price. This has gotten great reviews and just looks cool to me. Like the Saucer Scramble, it looks like it could be used by the whole family... or older and younger kids.

More to come, but this ought to get you started!

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Miss Kilpy said...

That Dodge tag looks very fun. Thanks for the tips.