Monday, August 1, 2011

Buy A Spirit Hood, Help An Animal

Now this is really something different! One of the ladies in my writers group came in wearing this. Not only did she look adorable in it, we had a lot of fun (and did little writing) passing it around, posing for pictures, and finding our inner animal.

Called Spirit Hoods, these are unique hat/scarf/glove-pockets-in-one. You can buy for women, kids, or men (I give the model props for posing looking hunky with them on).
The kids offer lines for boys and girls, are absolutely adorable and will be a BIG GIANT HIT, I promise you.
You can choose from bears, lions, leopards, pandas and wolves. They have kicky ear linings, and paw prints on the underside of the pocket/gloves.

The impressive thing is that they are high quality and something you won't find anywhere else. And Spirit Hoods have created a label called PRO BLUE. If you purchase something from that line, 10% of net profits goes to a non-profit organization helping that animal. You can read about it and the four organizations that they would donate those proceeds to by clicking HERE. .


Anonymous said...

you can use coupon code "Emery" at and save 15% off your orders

Arielle Fragassi said...

I LOVE my Spirithood. It's so warm and soft and cuddly. Very high quality. I looked at some other lower quality, cheaper ones before I bought it and I just said "screw it" and bit the bullet and bought an original. I only wish I could buy more of them but my husband is under the assumption that only one is necessary. xP