Thursday, December 15, 2011

Electric Roaster - A Must Have!

This Thanksgiving, I discovered something fabulous. An 18-quart roaster oven. The perfect solution to roasting a turkey, ham or roast etc, while leaving the kitchen oven free for pies or all those side dishes.

Indinspensable at holiday time - and so much cheaper than putting in a second oven!

They are made by Nesco, Bella Cucina, Oster, etc... Some have a white or cream-colored porcelain finish, others are stainless steel, some have no-stick coatings inside, some have glass tops. Choose yours. Can be found online at Sears, Target, Best Buy, J.C. Penny and Macys. Shop around for the best price and features. Prices range from $39 -$200.

That Target link had this white one by Oster for $39.99 (pictured above) -- and the Macy's link has the stainless steel Bella Cucina at right for $39.99 (as of this publishing). The latter can make up to a 22 lb. turkey. I saw it with my own eyes --  it even browned it beautifully.

This is sure to be appreciated by your mom or grandma, the church, someone with a larger family or anyone you know who entertains or hates to clean the oven. Or, if you're like me, YOU WANT IT TOO.

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