Wednesday, December 14, 2011

From Your Turntable to Your Ipod

Haven't tried this but it's interesting enough to post here and let you make your own decisions. For that person who has one foot in their old record collection and one in the world of tech...

This is also Barnes and Noble's Deal of the Day... offering 25% off which I assume is for Today, December 14, 2011, only. But if you are seeing this after, you never know so, CLICK HERE to see. If you're a Barnes and Noble Member, you will also get FREE shipping.

This device transfers music right from your records directly onto your iPod with iProfile, and has a built-in dock for your iPod. So apparently you can make a transfer without even connecting your computer. Get one today for just $127.46. Normally about $169.

TIP: If you don't need this for a gift, it could also be something that you might find at a bargain on sale after December 25th...

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