Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fabulous! Travel Guitars (Acoustic)

They are not cheap, but not unafforable - here are two travel guitars.  So unique and possibly perfect for you or someone in your life!

First there's the Vagabond travel guitar, touted as being the original. TIP: They make one for lefties too!

'Other compact guitars are either shrunken versions of standard guitars, too bulky for full travel convenience, or too small to develop any sound at all. The Vagabond is a work of functional art in every respect, renowned for fine fretwork and precise intonation, great sound, and still very stowable. The Vagabond sounds as great as it looks. Beautifully handcrafted of the highest quality materials, the Vagabond was designed by musician and luthier Kevin Smith.'

Click the name to hyperlink to their website for more information. Made in NY. $399

The other, recently purchased by a friend of mine, is by the famous maker Martin, and it's called the Martin Backpacker, It can be found at American Musical Supply for about $165 and on Amazon for $199.

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