Saturday, August 11, 2012

For the Lover of the Outdoors

I love Life Is Good - their products, and their message. Why NOT affirm all that is good, happy, right and beautiful with the world (and not in a sappy way)? In a way you feel comfortable putting that message out... in soothing hues and oh-so-soft high quality cottons...

Saw this graphic on a tee shirt and had to bring it to your attention: Think it's a Mens but they have smalls and mediums if you're looking for that. Click the link to see and buy - only $26.00. Their sweats are the best quality - and all their stuff lasts for years. Destined to be those kinds that you wear for decades and can never let go for the garage sale or Goodwill... Life is indeed good when you're wearing their stuff.

TIP: Addicted to the Olympics this year? Check out their Life is Good tees HERE

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Laurie said...

I love their t-shirts but didn't know about the sweats. Good to know!