Monday, October 22, 2012

Animal Lovers Cup

Earlier this year I was browsing the Museum of Modern Art and saw this mug, which I now have filled with my coffee this morning:

I love all things squirrel, but they have other animals, like foxes, bunnies, bears and owls. Some mugs come with tails for the handle, like mine, some without. It's a unique and clever gift to get for the animal lover in your life (or in you). I think it was under $20.

The imm living website for these and other cool items does not give you a direct way to buy them, but there are lists of stores in the US and other countries to choose from where they do offer their goods.

Here is a list of online stores to order from, many of which are Art Museums, and may be in your nearby city... you can let your fingers do the walking and call to see if they have what you want, and ask them to hold it or even buy it over the phone so you can go pick it up if you prefer.

In fact, Click Here to find some are on Uncommon Goods.

Now you can also get a plethora of hidden animal cups from Spademan Pottery on Etsy. They have everything - cats, dogs, frogs, horses, rhinos, sharks, lady bugs and dinosaurs. There's even a sea horse and a pig with wings. And a little green Alien -- Truly something for everyone! There are seven pages of to chose from...

But nothing says I am the Walrus ($26) like an empty cup o' Chai Tea... 

and I could not pass up showing you this charming little giraffe ($31). 

Spread a little cheer this year with these affordable items that you won't find in any store.

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