Tuesday, November 27, 2012

For Dexter Fans

Oh it's so good, a whole page of items on Showtime's website for the fan of Dexter...  Here are just a few choice items, and some are on sale as of this publication...

How about starting your Killer day with this Dexer mug? $14.95
The Dexter "Kill Uniform" Men's Thermal Shirt. Now save $10 off, only $24.99.

 Or syringe pens, on sale for half off at $9.99 for four
I love this blood wing tee shirt, also on sale for $10 off at $19.99.

And who would not need this cool bobble head? Yours for only $19.95

They even have Dexter TRASH BAGS!! Someone over there has a great sense of humor. Thank you to subscriber Suzanne for sending me this link. I'm a huge fan of this show, and just may need a few of these under my tree...

TIP: Don't forget that the boxed set of the series can be found by Googling around - certainly Amazon or Barnes and Noble will have it. It's a keeper...

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