Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Livin' Country Casual Clothes

It's kind of like the LIFE IS GOOD brand, gone country. And the quality is so good, the company is growing fast. From designer Steve Hochmuth, who makes these one at a time, this soft, richly colored line of clothes has something for everyone - men, womenkids, they even toddlers and babies! Tees, cozy hoodies, rockin' hats and more, all with a country themed graphic on the front, and the Livin' Country logo on the back. Here's a little sample...

Apparently the horse and cow designs have been the best sellers in Ladies Jr's but click the hyperlink above or on the price here to see all the graphics available. Cute cute cute. Soft and washable, in Azalea (pictured), Chestnut and Kiwi colors -- hello -- for only $15!

Most popular seller for men - the RACK tee (and by rack, we mean antlers) -- on cotton in three handsome colors - Olive, Dark Chocolate Brown & Stonewashed Green. ONLY $15!! Everyone will want one.

Most popular right now for kids, both boys and girls: The tractor... but this fish is cute too. Great colors: Cardinal (a dark wine red), Lime, Chocolate Dark Brown, machine washable, also $15.

There's camo (ladies are a nice, subtle pink), two toned, weathered hats (looks like your favorite, that you've been wearing well for years) and check back for new knits and flat hats coming soon.

Example of guys's distressed cap, in 4 colors.

Ladies great pink camo - mens camo is a top seller. A very reasonable $15.

And hoodie sweatshirts: Since they're made one at a time, you can pick which of the 8 or so graphic designs you want and have it custom made for no extra cost. For kids or adults - $30

This cotton will feel good against your baby or toddler's skin. Cute as a button onesies in Light Blue, Light Pink and Daffodil Yellow and kids tees in Kelly Green, both for $15.

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