Tuesday, December 11, 2012

For the Foodie - FANTASTIC infused olive oils and vin gars

Amagah! This stuff is the best. And it makes a great great gift to send to anyone who loves food.
And there are infinite combinations. Introducing the Cape Ann Olive Oil Company.

A friend who lives upstate in MA told me that she now dresses her salads with nothing but this place's Blood Orange infused oil and Mission Fig Balsamic. Just hearing it was enough. BUT I had another friend go to this store and sample them - about 40 minutes later, she came out raving... because you can sample each and every one of these that they sell. There are little paper cups in which you can pour any oil or vinegar you like, then find glass containers of bread (which you can remove with tongs). Dip the bread in the paper cup and before you know it, you're moaning, according to her.

The store does have a list of the things that go together but here are some of the best sellers:

Butter infused olive oil - among the plethora of uses, it's THE thing to make your real kernel popcorn with!

Apple infused balsamic - pair it with their lemon olive oil!

Herbs de Provence infused oil - great for fish, chicken, any italian dish.

How about Coconut infused oil - or Pomegranate? Garlic infused oil and Chipotle oil are great too. Maple Balsamic??? SOMEBODY STOP ME!  CLICK HERE for the entire list of oils and HERE for vinegars. There are other oils, like dark toasted sesame that are listed as Specialty Oils. On the whole, it's $11 for a 200ml bottle. In the stores, if not online, you can get one larger size too.

They have a whole line of unflavored, top-of-the-line pressed olive oils as well. Go wild. I am sending pairs of the Blood Orange and Mission Fig to a few people, and the Provencal herb and Lemon oils.

And let us not forget: Aged Dark Chocolate vinegar (maybe pair with Black Cherry vinegar?). Oh yes, I said chocolate people! 

You don't need em, but they have these snappy little silver spouts ($3.50) for sale, and a less fancy cork pourer ($1), but you don't need them. Simply use the screw cap, though the spouts are certainly nice to include in a gift. They can pack up your oils and ship Priority Mail for about $15 for a few bottles.

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