Thursday, December 6, 2012

Send a Ham and Turkey Combo

This is a really great gift, sure to be VERY much appreciated by any meat-eating recipient. For $99.95 you are sending a 5-7 lb spiral cut ham (w/honey glaze) and a smoked turkey - that is a sale price A succulent and tender combo. Plenty for that party and or for THE best late night kitchen raid sandwiches. Just heat and serve.

Each of these would cost about $70 each at most online stores...

My dad used to send us either a ham or a smoked turkey each year and it was the thing we all waited for from the mailman through the decades...

From Burgers Smoke House.

For Less you can send just a ham or turkey - or just a double smoked turkey breast for between $44-69.

I have ordered amazing smoked turkeys from Smithfiled or Clifty Farms and can vouch for their quality. Dad got them from there. It arrived and we never bothered to heat it up, but just ate it cold. My mother had the tradition of spreading tons of little dishes around our coffee table between Christmas Eve and New Years - hummus, apricots, chips with onion dip, cookies, chocolate, veggies with Ranch dip, salami, cheese and crackers - and the place of honor for the smoked turkey (or ham). The smoked flavor is so subtle--  it was the best thing on the table! We'd eat it all day and once it was nearly clean, she'd use it to make soup. So it's the gift that keeps on giving.

I now make soup from the ham bone as well - just that and water plus some dry split peas and you have the MOST flavorful broth in creation. And you can freeze the soup or any left-over meat - but I guarantee there will be NO leftovers.

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