Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Utterly Charming Wireless Disney Orchestra - for Kids or the Kid in You

There's one word for this little invention, put out by Hallmark: Delightful.

Two years ago it was the 4-piece Peanuts band, which I bought for myself and anyone I could think of on my list, more grown ups than kids!

This year, it's Disney, with 5 pieces in all. With all you Disney fans out there -- not just the little ones but I know an AWFUL lot of people in their 20's and 30's who go there to get married, and go back every year on vacation - this will bring in just the right old fashioned whimsey in the spirit of Christmas while keeping up with the times.

You start with any one of the figurines (made of colorful and durable plastic). Just a touch to Minnie, say, and she starts playing a Boogie-Woogie style carol, and like magic all the other characters join in with their instruments. Instant smiles. And I promise - YOU will be the first to want them to play the next song. They come with a repertoire of several tunes.

CLICK HERE to see the video and hear the boogie-woogie style of the carols they play. On Sale for $15.95 (normally $29.95 each), they are being offered one character at at time, starting with Minnie. That started in October though, so 4 are available at this writing, with the last, Mickey on shelves on 11/29.  I imagine you can buy just one or three and still have it work, but all 5 instruments playing together makes a really special sound.

TIP: I was in the store last night looking at them... you can always call before you go and see if they have them all. If so, see if they will hold a set for you to drive in, because they go that fast! The link I gave also has a list of stores near you.

Also, when our folks or grandparents or that special older person in your life reaches a certain age, there is little to buy them. If they are not distressed by louder music with this kind of beat, like some may be, they may just light up and find daily entertainment from this little ensemble. After all, one of the beautiful things about much older age, is that life becomes simpler and we can see things with the eyes of a child once again. 

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