Monday, December 2, 2013

A Great Book of Life Advice for the High School or College Kid

This is a really nice book for the college or high school student, a 21st birthday, the new graduate, etc... Maybe older. I actually got a few pointers out of reading it, and I'm well past those ages. Peek inside at the book on the link and decide for yourself what age it's appropriate for on the Barnes and Noble site. Buy for $18.99

Spooner has been carefully crafted a series of essential life lessons that every young person just out of college or high school needs to read before they embark upon their own life's adventures.

Told in friendly and reassuring tones, Spooner relates wonderful stories to illustrate and gently guide the next generation of what they can expect when searching for a job, how to know if you've found the right spouse, insights on how to plan for one's financial future, how the internet has changed our lives, dealing with adversity in life, and much, more more.

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