Friday, December 13, 2013

AROMABLISS Ayurvedic Body and Health Essences

These products are made by my friend Lilavati Devi. I've seen her make them by hand and it's the REAL DEAL. A pic from her in the midst...

We went to college together and I have watched her extraordinary journey and growth in life. She became a skincare expert, then a yogini and teacher, making many trips to India to deepen her knowledge, feed her soul and perfect her craft and practices. Along the way, her diet and self-care evolved and purified and she began to make her own Ayurvedic line with the finest ingredients, chanting while stirring to add the all important ingredient of a high vibration and consciousness to it, along with her love and care. The website is just total eye candy with rich colors and nothing short of gorgeous design, thanks to her graphic artist husbandSean-Michael Schexnayder's, help. And the packaging is equal to it. Nothing is spared when it comes to quality.

Here are her top five products. But go to the Aromabliss website to click around for your specific needs - or those of a loved one.

The first item comes with a message from Lilavati herself that will give you an idea. "It is unbearable for me to watch beings ~not~ vibrating at their highest frequency...I exist to enhance beauty, health and self love...we don’t have a lot of time and $ to waste on big batch, ingredient filled products that work ‘a bit’. This crème SAVED me from red, blotchy, dry torment, and for the first time in my life i LOVED my skin. I bow to the Shakti that vibrated through me to create this work of love and will serve it always. This is why only Neroli oil...the most sublime of aromas could scent this whipcrème dream. OM Shri Mata!"

Bliss Balm Face Cream $33

PEOPLE SWEAR BY THIS - Forget neti pots! If you are an allergy sufferer, have frequent colds, or sinus problems, this is transformative. This oil is used to nourish and lubricate the delicate nasal mucous membranes, relieving dryness and dislodging impacted, obscured debris which often exacerbates allergies and head colds.

Nasya Oil $19

I use this every day and night. A rich nutrient filled crème to soften lines, reduce puffiness & care for the ultra delicate eye tissue.

Jasmine Lotus Eye Balm $30

Vamakesi Hair Oil  --This nutrient-imbued oil contains ancient potent hair growth herbs and rich cooling oils to turn dull, lifeless hair into lustrous strands by stimulating and feeding the hair root and scalp. The herbal ingredients contained  are powerful remedies to remove heat from the head, one of the factors known to cause graying and thinning of the hair. Ayurveda guides one to massage this oil into the scalp daily to increases blood circulation and to keep the roots strong, promoting a healthy environment for growth. This is an excellent tonic for combating dandruff and dry scalp. This is a great oil to enhance meditation and deepen a Yoga practice. The name Vamakesi translates as "She with Beautiful Hair" and "The Wife of Shiva".

Vamakesi Hair Oil $15.00
Shakti Ojas --This is highly effective, nutrient filled daily feminine lubricant and longevity oil. This rejuvenating herb-infused infusion is used to support and enhance Female health and beauty. Created with 10 omnipotent plants ayurvedically known for their capacity to nourish and infuse life force and energy, (prana) into the reproductive tissue.

Shakti Ojas $22.00 CLICK HERE

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