Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Four Great Gifts for Kids

These won best gifts by Parenting Magazine

Fisher-Price Create 'n Learn iPad case
A new use for the iPad for your little ones - Slip it in and your tablet becomes a smartboard that teaches letters, words and handwriting. Hold the alphabet cards in front of the iPad’s camera, and amazing 3-D animations appear. The case is made with Otterbox technology, so it's protected from all the spills at Chuckie Cheese or inclement weather.  CLICK HERE to browse choices, or find at Toys R Us, Walmart, On Amazon etc... Ages 3+. $20.00-39.99.

Skyrocket Toys Quick Attach Microscope
Just when you thought there was nothing new your kid could do with a smartphone (or an iPad), let me introduce the attachable microscope. Clip it to any brand of smartphone or tablet, and your kids can zoom in on bugs, leaves, eyeballs, food, AND take pics and videos of it that they can send to their pals. Google around to find it.  BEST PRICE of $12.99 right now on KOHLS website. Ages 6+. $14.99 Click here to read more about it and see a few examples of what it can do.

ThinkFun Laser Maze
If your tween liked Rush Hour, the logic puzzle game that challenges you to maneuver your car out of gridlock, he or she will love Laser Maze. Players move little mirrors and targets around the board in order direct a laser beam to its target. With up to 60 different challenges, Laser Maze is the a great mix of old-school logic puzzle and high-tech zing. Ages 8 +. $29.99 

Crayola Melt n' Mold Factory
Well this is a product whose time has come. Make good use of  all those broken crayons scattered around your kids room. With the Crayola Melt n Mold factory, kids can melt down the wax (inside a safe, tamper-proof heat chamber) and pour the colorful goop into molds. They can create rings to wear, critters and cars. CLICK HERE to buy from crayloa but should be at Kmart, Toys R Us, etc.. Ages 6+. $49.99.

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