Monday, December 9, 2013

Isabella Fiore Purses - Pure Luxury!

This purse is a luxury item, and while I tend to suggest things that are in a lower range, keeping in mind that most people are on a budget, there needs to be something for everyone.  And these bags are gorgeous.

The inspiration behind Isabella Fiore stems from a rebellious spirit with bohemian roots. Featuring original artwork and embroidery with materials imported from all over the world, they are luxurious and sophisticated, with lasting style. So if they cost a pretty penny, divide that number by the amount of times she will use it for years and it becomes the cost of a cup of regular coffee (not the fancy Starbucks) per day's use.
Pricey but fabulous. If you've got the funds, this is a handsome line for women's handbags... and they look quite practical too. Sturdy while beautiful.

BUY HERE for $474  Or how about these doctor bags. BUY HERE(TIP: Enter in the search field, then locate these items and your entire purchase will be 15% off).

TIP: You can Google and find her work for less - maybe not these bags but others - on AMAZON, Ebay or at Home Shopping Newtork

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