Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some Great Gifts for Her

Yes you can buy hand creams and perfume and wallets and such but what about something more -- like these?

The Nintendo Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus. There are several versions of this, coming with the balance board, various workout extras, bells and whistles.  If she already has Wii and has been talking about the newest version, it - Wii Fit U - is ready to pre-order and can be delivered by 1/10/14 (You can always box and wrap the picture and say it's coming in two weeks - PREORDER at Walmart for only $89). Google around. There is the Wii website and the Wii Fit site too. It was hard to find the whole package, not just the new software, which assumes you already have the rest. But CLICK HERE to see some variety on one page. Prices start at $139.

She does not have to wear a thong or go commando to avoid VPL (visible panty line).  She can just wear one of these boy shorts by MARY GREEN.   It's a big claim to say these boy short undies also make just about any behind look good but that has been the case on all my clients.  I could not find the netting with lace versions that I bought in every color once I saw how great they looked, PLUS how comfortable they were, PLUS (and this is the big one) that they were virtually invisible. Of the two I found, one is made from silk for $29.95.

and the other is cotton spandex for $19.95. CLICK HERE to see them. Scroll down after clicking the link to find the plethora of wild color combos of fabric with contrasting lace. 

Nike Free Flyknit makes bright rainbow-colored running shoes (and black too) that boast the ultimate in flexibility while fitting like a glove. I think she'll love 'em. $166 CLICK HERE to buy, and HERE to read more.

Speaking of rainbow colors... Sunpocket makes these sweet little sunglasses that FOLD in half and in half again. From $89 CLICK HERE. Get black, zebra striped, yellow, orange turquoise, tortoise shell, etc. and get them NOW.

How 'bout a new reader? I am ALL for keeping paper books alive, as well as brick and morter stores, but let's face it, these come in handy for travel, and in so many ways. This is the newest. The Kindle Paperwhite - easier to read, for $119 ON AMAZON.

Les Bulles d'Agathe Bubbles: Verrrrry whimsical and indulgent - and special. Famed French perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian has made up four different scented bubble vials. Try violets (pictured here), Pear, cold mint and cut herbs. 1.5 oz, made in France.  $20, available at NEIMAN MARCUSScroll down to the list titled: "You may also like" to find the other three scents. Read all about the perfumer on that page as well.

Pssst: I just ordered these for ME. These well fitting black gloves made from Thinsulate will keep her digits toasty in frigid temps while sporting the touchscreen tips that will allow her to work her phone or tablet without getting frostbite.  She just may text you love notes or answer your call when she's on the slopes or hiking the frozen tundra... $29.99 on sale from $60 ON AMAZON.

She might love this nail kit by Ciate, the ultimate at-home setup for creating hundreds of custom nail looks. Available for $65 AT SEPHORA. Click it for all the details and a list of what's included.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice. Treat House in NY delivers if you're in Manhattan and ships everywhere in the country. Have to pick a dozen little items at about $2 each but each one is a work of art - for the eye as well as the palate. She won't have gotten these before. CLICK HERE to see the plentiful choices and custom make her a box of goodies she will not soon forget!

Ballet flats are in and these ruched suede ones made by Sole Society come in pleasing colors (orange not shown) with a wingtip design that's just enough to set them apart. Google around for her size if you can't find them available on THIS LINK,  for $49.

If I've said it once, I've said it a zillion times. These light flannel pj's from Victoria's Secret are a great fit while being roomy enough to sleep, have great patterns and colors and don't shrink.  ON SALE for $39.50 - CLICK HERE.

If you want something sexier but are wary of lingerie fitting right - go for the best all round piece- the short silk kimono. Make sure it's 100% SILK, NOT satin or faux silk. MAJOR difference to the feel.

CLICK HERE for the this robe - comes in many colors and the fit allows for flexibility. Starts at $49.00 TIP: Get a gift receipt (one that doesn't include the price) so she can exchange anything that doesn't fit right. 

How about a bath tub caddy? You may find these if you look around that are a little less than this one from POTTERY BARN for $79, but it's a great thing. If you want to go overboard, give other packages with a candle, bubble bath or salts, and lotions... Fluffy towels! AND the robe!

She may just ask you to join her!

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