Friday, October 3, 2014

EVERYONE Needs The Lasting Matters Organizer

Barbara Bates Sedoric has done it. After hundreds of hours of interviews, research and compilation, she's made a very clean, clear, simple workbook in which each of us can record in all the information that will make matters SO much easier for our loved ones if something should happen to us.

Anyone who has lost someone and gone through the process knows how much is involved with everything from finding important papers to special jewelry to knowing e-mail or Facebook account passwords. It is especially difficult if things are in question or unclear… especially when you are grieving.  After dealing with the long illnesses and passing of both of my parents, I vowed to order my affairs for whomever may need to deal with them.

Think of this as the VERY BEST GIFT you can give to those you love! If you groan at the idea, don't.   Most of this is just practical and gives you a place to collect and retain much of the same info you'd need if you were applying for a mortgage or  leaving info for going on a vacation or redoing your own contact sheets/address book.  You list doctors's names, bank account numbers, vehicle info, passwords, where important papers are filed, if you have a safety deposit box etc…

You can also pick it up if you are caring for aging parents or a friend who needs to do this and help them to fill it out as an activity you do together. Bet they'd be grateful! The format makes it SO easy to use!

There is a section on your personal wishes, from a piece of jewelry to give to a grandchild or niece to if you want to be an organ donor. Fill in what you can if you don't want to do it all.

If you want to explore the book's insides immediately visit their website, which you can also utilize for support because it offers all kinds of extra information about this topic.  Click this link and look further:

Only $20 for the E-book version - which gives you changeable PDF's - and $29 for the physical book, which can be kept in a fireproof or safety deposit box. CLICK HERE to buy.

I suggest you run not walk to get a few extras to give to everyone you love!

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