Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Choice Few Gifts for the Beatles Fan

Someone on your list love the Beatles? Who doesn't? Here's a select few tasty tidbits for you. This book by Hunter Davies is something that any Beatle lover probably won't have and will really enjoy.

"For the Beatles, writing songs was a process that could happen anytime -- songs we all know by heart often began as a scribble on the back of an envelope or on hotel stationery. These original documents have ended up scattered across the world at museums and universities and with collectors and friends. Many have never been published before. More than 100 songs and lyrics are reproduced. The intimacy of these reproductions -- there are sections crossed out and rewritten, and words tossed into the final recordings that were never written down - a treasure."  For $ on Amazon

This great clock caught my eye -  for $30 from SOCIETY 6.  You can also get this design as a pillow, a 16" x 16" tote, a framed wall print or canvas version for varying, affordable prices.

I love these and feel quite groovy when I go to the grocery store. I'm the only one with them… but I'm sharing my secret with you.  They aren't verity wide, but you can still use them - or take them to the drug store or clothing shopping.  For $8.48 each on I have wide black and white ones of the fab four that I hoped to post here too, but apparently they no longer make them.

TIP: And as I'm sure you already know, the next generation coming up can actually look blank at the mention of the Beatles. THAT is shocking. Do your part and stuff a CD in their stocking --- well, I know they only download songs - so get them an iTunes or Amazon gift card and as an activity with     them, sit down at their laptop and sample songs until you've downloaded a custom playlist on their phone or mp3 player! 

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