Sunday, November 30, 2014

Adopt an Olive Tree or a Tea Garden. Get Fresh Delivery to Their Door!

So cool it called for it's own post! TIP: Through Monday you can get 20% off by entering the code NudoBlack20.

I'm alway looking for the unique, and this sure is one - you get someone the gift of "adopting" an olive tree in Italy,from or a tea garden in India, (and soon, a beehive in the UK) and they receive these olive oil, or tea fresh to their door. WOW.

Tea is as low as $39 and the olive Oil starts at $77 (not sure why, but you can get these for less if ordering for yourself). All the details are on the website.

They offer other products for foodies, and gift suggestions, so click around. I just thought this adoption option would tickle the cook, foodie or healthy eater in your life.


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Laurie said...

The option for self is a quarterly subscription charge for 4 deliveries. The $77 is for a one-time delivery option for self or as a gift.
Love the idea!