Saturday, November 1, 2014

Forget Black Friday- Sales Are Happening Sooner

Thank goodness - some sanity is coming to holiday shopping. No one wants to get caught in the stampedes at Black Friday sales. And as of late, there have been protests going around by folks who   support store employees having the day off to spend with their families anyway.

The good news is that Amazon, Target, Kmart, Walmart, Office Max and others are rolling out holiday prices as early as this weekend. And look for some of those and other stores having Cyber Monday (and other day) specials…  And spend November 28, 2014 doing something more enjoyable.

The wisdom of this is a win/win for all involved. There are far less crowds, which means better parking and easier navigation once in the aisles. Whether online or in the mall, your stress level should reduce along with the prices. There is more time to find what is really right for someone, more time to wrap with some joy and if you're sending to another town or state, more time to get that done early - and avoid the long lines at the Post Office. Not to mention that what you want is far less likely to be out of stock, which is key. And when you shop early, you can spread out your budget and not get hit all at once.

So if you don't yet have your list together, take a little time tomorrow morning to jot it down. If you need to write certain people for a list of what they'd like or need, do it right away (simply a few lines via e-mail). If you know you want a hot item this year, shop online for prices before you roll into the physical store - remember letting your fingers do the walking?  Some swear by Amazon; while they do have good deals, they no longer offer the lowest prices out there, so Google around.

I often pass discounts or shipping specials on to you here, but in addition when ordering online, check for coupons or specials by Googling "J Crew Coupons" or "Eddie Bauer discounts"-- or get coupons on at sites like and  Never check out without doing that first, and put in the coupon codes in the fields offered before you hit the final button to purchase.

So leave behind spending the night on a sidewalk only to risk your life and see some of the worst of humanity coming out over lower prices on items that are most likely in limited supply anyway. Get a jump early, and enjoy the whole process of gift getting and giving by arriving a little more mellow and jolly, and spend that extra time with the people you are giving to, instead of imbibing too much eggnog thinking about the bills rolling in in the New Year.

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