Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fuggedabout Black Friday...Shop With Me

I'm doing more posts, and will really ramp up in early December. I have had a dent taken out of my writing day by National Novel Writing Month. You may be aware of it - people all over the world join forces to support each other in writing 50,000 words in the 30 days of November. Not ideal timing for me because it's the prime time to do the gift blog. And it takes a lot of off time doing research for those gifts, as well as doing some updating links and prices on old posts.

So I will be doing more. In the mean time, I invite you to subscribe via e-mail to my blog, which I would love and for which I thank you profusely in advance…  And there's a lot of good stuff if you want to search the categories to the left here - if any link is outdated, just Google the item and see what comes up.

First off I'd check TOP GIFTS FOR THE YEAR,  my yearly list of the best things I think are timeless gifts for all.

Other fun categories are: Hard to Buy For, For the Boss, Spiritual/Religious, By the Month,  Erotic, and

Check out Stocking Stuffers too. A favorite category. 

An all-time favored post is If Your Loved One Has Dementia, as those who have someone close to them suffering with this know how hard it is to celebrate the holidays or give to someone who is agitated by the colors and sounds, has forgotten how to open boxes or just can't enjoy things the way they used to.

How about  Books and Films. which people still like to receive, even with kindles and netflix.

There are past posts for Hanukkah and Kwuanza too.

So ignore all the black Friday sales and shop here with me as your guide, in the comfort and coziness of your computer's glow.

If you need help with someone you find hard to buy for or need specific ideas, just write me in the comments, give me your e-mail and we can chat it out. I do this often and 100% come back saying the person on the receiving end loved it! I'm here to help.

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