Monday, December 1, 2014

Hot Gifts For The Coffee Lover

There are a lot of innovative things out there that can only be made and sold through Kickstarter. This is a worthy one. The COFFEEBOXX.
The COFFEEBOXX™ is built Beyond Rugged™ to perform where other coffee makers fear to tread. Crush-proof, dust-proof, spill-proof, rust-proof, water resistant, impact resistant and lightweight. It uses the latest single-serve technology to deliver your favorite coffee anywhere you work and play. Job sites, camping, boating, hunting and fishing, motorsports, RV'ing, Tailgating. CLICK HERE to order on tab on upper right. $299.

A reusable coffee cup - made of glass with a silicone lid and hot sleeve, BHA free. Really go green with this one. $28 CLICK HERE.

There may be no truer sentiment than this one… Speaks volumes and is very accurate for some of us. At ZAZZLE thru Amazon, for $15.95

And the one and only coffee I recommend is Athena of Hawaii.. because it's 100% Kona beans. Many make the claim, but few are the real deal. Purists know that Kona beans are considered by many to be the best in the world. What you may have not know is that labels touting that they're Kona coffee often have only a percentage of true Kona beans in them.
 It comes in two roasts: French, which is dark, rich and full bodied and my favorite, Vienna, which is milder and smooth as silk. They come in 8 oz bags for $17 and 16 oz bags for $32.  CLICK HERE to shop, and HERE to learn about Athena of Hawaii.

You can give a beautiful and truly unique gift of a 16 oz bag in this beautiful Hawaiian box, for $49. or in this rich Polynesian Kapa pouch for $34. Both come with an extensive high gloss booklet that tells the history of Kona coffee and the story of Athena of Hawaii  CLICK HERE to learn about these options in more detail. TIP: Athena of Hawaii always ships for FREE!

The Nepresso coffee maker is a much-panted-for brand by coffee aficionados. Their newest is the UMilk, which combines two in one. Attached to the back of the espresso machine is a built-in milk frother, which allows frothing cold or hot milk for cappuccinos and latte macchiatos just like you get in Europe (Pretty sure it does not make coffee in addition).  It's quite compact and will fit easily in any kitchen.
Touted to be the thing to use for coffee recipes… the page explains that allows you to pick from a few models, based on what you need. CLICK HERE to look for yourself. If you don't know what you're looking at, that site can be a tad confusing  so if you're not sure, I'd just go for the basic maker. CLICK HERE for that on good ole Amazon… for $159.TIP: The Nepresso site is offering $100 credit when you buy over $199. And for a limited time there's free shipping, as of this date. 

Here's one for the traveling coffee addict, the camper, the road warrior…. sick of hotel machine or airplane coffee… Made by Blue Bottle Coffee, the Timbuk2x, is a beautiful bag that comes with all that's pictured - a hand grinder, a ceramic dripper, tumblers with cozies, filters and select coffees. All they need is water - and that can be made even in a plane. When their samples of coffee runs out, it can just be replaced with a favorite. $179 at  BLUE BOTTLE.  If this costs too much, why not try to put one together on your own?

ALAS, this one has to be ordered for 2015 but I'm putting it here anyway. The MINIPRESSO is a portable expresso maker. Addicts will appreciate it - do it at the office, in a cab, in the mountains on a hike - just about anywhere!  CLICK HERE for information.

Just added, post publication - a fab little thermos that really DOES keep things hot - or cold - for hours, and hours with it's high quality vacuum insulation and special seal on the lid. The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Thermal. It's great for soups that need to stay warm from the moment they leave the house, or for the person who must have coffee all day long.  Choose from many colors At Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.

If you have more suggestions, by all means, leave them in the comments!

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