Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Just a Few Little Gifts - A Random Collection of Good Stuff

I've been seeing various and sundry good things, and began to collect them in one post, instead of doing specialized themes. So be sure to scroll all the way to the end to be sure you see them all! Hope you find something you like-y.

Got a man with a beard (or maybe a mustache?) I love this and it's certainly not something he's likely to have or get from someone else. The name is classic -Grave before Shave gift pack. For management of beards, which seem to be making a comeback.  On Amazon for $35.

Since we're on grooming - who wouldn't like to have a proper holder for the blow drier and flat iron/curling iron? Instead of leaving it on the counter or taking up too much space with cords willy nilly,  try this.  It can of in a drawer or under the cabinet as well as on a counter. The Power Style Station for  $19, which also holds a curling iron or third appliance. Male or female, it's great for teenagers or college kids too.

For your gamers: Alien Isloation. Dark an moody, here's a switch from all the shoot 'em ups out there. The goal is to not be gotten BY the alien instead of the other way around. ON AMAZON for $38.49

I'm need this. In fact, I ordered it. Apparently it's solar powered and all you need to do is tap the thing and it lights up your keyhole. I know we have flashlights now on our phones but I struggle to get that on all the time when I have groceries or computer in hand. $12 at Gold Violin. 25% off and free shipping on Cyber Monday.

That's them lit up - and below, so you can see better, here they are unplugged.

Ever admire those cafes or indoor porches that had those beautiful globe lights strung overhead across the tables or along the walls? These add a little extra in the bulb are mercury glass. $48 for 6 ft. at Anthropologie. They also have acorn string lights and glittering pinecones  for $34 that are gorgeous.

For those in small apartments, or those who don't want a big gas grill but don't want to deal with the work of coals… OR for anyone watching their weight who want more than his famous kitchen sized grill - how about this?  His Indoor/Outdoor mini grills. No propane necessary, removable grill plates so clean up is easy, and the non-stick coating allow you to get by without using oil or butter if you want.

I like this little red one for $119 - it' has a 200 sq. inch surface.  On the GeorgeForemancooking.com site the silver one is on sale for $79 while the others remain $119. So click around and see what you prefer.  
Now here is a nice little thermos that really DOES keep things hot- or cold - for hours, and hours with it's high quality vacuum insulation and special seal on the lid. The Zojirushi Stainless Steel Thermal. It's great for soups that need to stay warm from the moment they leave the house, or for the person who must have coffee all day long.  Choose from many colors At Bed Bath and Beyond for $39.

Want more gift ideas for the Coffee Lover on your list? CLICK HERE for the post I just put up on it. 

And for tea lovers, they have one with a tea leaf strainer inset. For $34.00 on Amazon. You can google for other colors than the one on the link. For more gifts for Tea Lovers, CLICK HERE for my recent post devoted to that. 

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