Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Great Gifts 2014 - A Little Something For Everyone

The real Android TV has arrived. The Nexus Player is a small, set-top box that lets you play all your favorite TV shows plus all your Android games. With 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage, the Asus-built box is the first device with Google’s new Android TV operating system on board and apps are already available through Google Play, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Vevo. Get through GOOGLE for $99.

YES there still are Polariod cameras and they've benefitted by modern technology. I used to work at Polaroid Corp in Boston and it was like working at NASA. I've been so sorry to see them shut down for the most part after the amazing things they brought to the world. This integrates digital and instant full-color prints using ZINK (Zero Ink Technology).You just take the digital pic, and can print them "computer-free" in under a minute -- connect the device to a computer to share them through social media. It may be novelty, but just the right thing for someone on your list… Find the Polaroid Z2300 Camera, for $179 +1 pack of film.

For your gardener, this caught my eye - a neat little combo. A full tool tote with a seat to match, which conveniently work together to minimize storage space in your garage or tool shed. Nice color, good for

Buy from Uncommon Goods for $30 - the price makes me wonder about the durability of the seat but from my eye, it looks decent, and so does the stitching and the canvas quality on the tote. Maybe it's just a bargain.

And then there's this Stanley FatMax 4-in-1 mobile work station for anyone from the handyman to the crafter. Another fold out catch all that can really make a difference for the user.

Patented tiered cantilever multi-level rolling system allows easy access to all 4 storage areas at the same time. Telescopic handle for easy maneuvering. Easy latch system includes a quick push to close feature.
Large front latch that locks the entire unit. ON SALE now for about half off on AMAZON for $95!

The customer reviews were pretty impressive for these boot driers. If you have a hunter, skier, trucker, hiker, hockey player, figure skater etc on your list, these warm as well as dry boots (in a few hours) without any damage. CLICK HERE to buy for $39.95.

I'm always grabbing my phone charger and my computer cord and an extension, my headphones and putting them in different carrying cases for my purse or messenger bag, gym back and computer case… Here is a solution if you have someone like this in your house - or if people on your list work in the tech industry or travel a lot.

Buy the 4 pocket at Best Buy for $49 and this larger version for $69 on If you could find them elsewhere, they come in many colors, but I couldn't seem to find a way to buy them directly from the SKITS co.

Speaking of organization, how about this fab space saving catch all (love that it holds the bowl of popcorn, as I am always snacking on something…) is great for him, her, kids, grandparents…or you! For only $10 the price can't be beat. At Bed Bath and Beyond. 

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