Sunday, December 14, 2014

MUST TRY - Williams Sonoma's Peppermint Bark

And it's ON SALE for 25% off, which means it's still expensive!  But, you must get some anyway. The  tins are fairly large and you get two full size slabs inside… One pound plus the decorative tin for $23 instead of close to $30. TIP: IT helps that right now everything is shipped FREE at checkout using promo code FREESHIP.

I am not the biggest fan of peppermint but this is mild, slathered white chocolate layered over semisweet chocolate and they are melt-in-your-mouth smooth, with a tiny bit of crunch from the cracked striped peppermint sprinkled economically atop. Someone gave me a tin a few days ago and it's one of those things where I will always remember where and when I took my first bite. Yes it's that good.

CLICK HERE to buy SCADS of it. You will want to hoard it for yourself but makes a great hostess gift, gift for a boss or client, hairdresser, mailman, staff… and you. Did I mention that?

TIP: They make them in cups but I almost broke my teeth on them. Still yummy but hard as a rock - literally.  I don't know if the peppermint paws they advertise would be the same… I see they also have peppermint bark hot chocolate. Haven't tried it myself but it seems worth a try. 

Just ONE more picture! 

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