Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rochelle's TOP PICKS for BEST GIFTS of 2014

Point and Shoot digital pocket cams changed everything -- The Canon Powershot was and still is a great little camera/video recorder. But I switched out about 6 years ago to the Panasonic Lumix because it came with a leica lens, and now, you can get at least 20x soon, before it starts to digitize. Take a look HERE to find one that fits your needs. But one that looks great to give, especially for the Selfie takers in your lives is the LUMIX DMC-ZS35 20X Long-Zoom Selfie Digital Camera, seen below in sweet looking white with silver. There is one that's got a selfie feature. HERE for $249. You will be very popular giving this!

And this other one - LUMIX DMC-ZS40 30X- which gives you an old fashioned viewfinder, a settings adjustment ring around the lens, 30x zoom and easy sharing  with your tablet or smart phone. 

CLICK HERE to get details. For $349 on the Panasonic site. May be slightly different if you Google around. TIP: BUT! If you scroll a tad down to the left they are offering $100 OFF too Through 12/17/14 while supplies last! 

This is SO cool, I ordered 4 for myself. A portable Bonfire in a Box. No muss no fuss. It has a firestick in it and burns compactly for 3+ hours. AWESOME! Only $29 from PLOW AND HEARTH.

My brother in law is a huge wine aficionado and he brings select bottles to us when he comes to visit. He could really use this. If you have someone like that in your life, find people to chip in with you for this one. It's A great idea and a great gift! So good, it warrants two pics.

Protects up to a full case of wine and two glasses and weighs up toy 49 lbs. when fully packed - just under the limit for baggage charges. The hard outer shell and inner foam would make it awfully hard for any breakage to occur. Foam cut for different shaped bottles like champagne and Rieisling. $229 at

I got these one year and loved them - they were funny, innovative and really served a purpose. In fact, I just ordered two more - one for my desk, and one for the living room, to join the one on the nightstand. It's like getting in the habit of putting your keys in one place. Pretty soon your body will do it unconsciously and you may never hear where are my glasses again… well, maybe. Made of teakwood, for $12.95 (Best price I found) on deb

Beautiful! A 13 piece cutlery set of stainless steel blades covered in rose Gold titanium by Forte, stored in a transparent display, makes a handsome gift for men and women alike. Available at, for $129.99 TIP: BUT --they are an Oprah pick, so you can get  20% off with the code OPRAH. They are currently out of stock because of the popularity, but they expect you'll get them by the end of December. Worth wrapping the picture and giving anyway, especially with the 20% off.

For the traveling coffee addict, the camper, the road warrior…. sick of hotel machine or airplane coffee… Made by Blue Bottle Coffee, the Timbuk2x, is a beautiful bag that comes with all that's pictured - a hand grinder, a ceramic dripper, tumblers with cozies, filters and select coffees. All they need is water - and that can be made even in a plane. When their samples of coffee runs out, it can just be replaced with a favorite. $179 at  BLUE BOTTLE.  If this costs too much, why not try to put one together on your own?

We all bought our big flat screens and then just a year or two ago, the new"smart TV's" came out - where they work with your internet. We don't really need to see our e-mail at 50" in the living room, but so many of us have said goodbye to Red Box rentals or buying DVD's in exchange for Netflix or Streaming Amazon rentals. 

These little devices are simple plug ins to your TV's HDMI port and  make your TV Smart for about $39…. Buy ROKU's at Amazon for the lowest price, The Google Chrome stick is $23 on AMAZON. And Amazon's Fire TV stick goes for $39. If you open that link, scroll to the bottom and click the word COMPARE for a chart that will show you what all three do side by side. Amazon is selling theirs but claims to have dual core to their single core, much more memory and can handle dolby digital surround sound. Do some more research if you like. You can also read a little more ON CNET.COM.

And just LOOK at these YOGA MATS!

Yes, you can get Yoga mats for anywhere from $10-50 but if he or she is REALLY into yoga, and you really want to give them something special, here's a mat like nothing I've ever seen before. It is $98… from Anthropologie - and you can choose from about 5 designs.

This is an all-round pleaser: Harry and David's pear and cheese boxes. You can find the full selection HERE  from as low as $29… but for a sample, here's a medium priced box with both pears and apples and cheese - and the call to add wine. For $49. You can up the containers or add wine or chocolate for a little more cost. CLICK HERE to see details.

CLICK HERE to find past years - they all rock, and I've updated links where I can. 

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