Sunday, December 14, 2014

Some Fun Stuff

Oh I can't believe they still sell these- Perfect for your Lord of the Rings, Fairie/Fantasy- Hobbit, Hogwarts fan. And I am none of those and LOVED this. It's fun - and a little intense too!

It's a crystal ball with a little wizard inside, beautifully painted and detailed. you ask a question and wave your hand over the top of the globe and his eyes light up, and you hear a bunch of wild crazy calculation sounds, with a huge waft of scary wind blowing through the universe! And then - he speaks. And he does tell you a great variety of things. No one you give this to will have ever seen it.  They call it a game, but I never used it as such. Maybe I'm missing something, heh. ON AMAZON for $39.95. I"M TELLING YOU THIS IS COOL!!!

And since we're on globes….

Why not give something completely frivolous like this groovy plasma globe?  Great for kids or grown ups. I got one of those 20 years ago and have never seen them since. They are the modern version of the lava lamp. Switch it on and colored "lightening" spreads out  all around. BUT - touch it, and you harness the POWER - the lightening will go wherever your hand is.  At Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $10.

Oh YES! Make them their own Bobble Head - courtesy of for around $64.  They aren't cheap  but it might just be the perfect gag gift for that person in your life - worth every penny.

Send in a picture, choose a body and voila. Couples can get them as well - you can get them enmasse, and you can even get your head on your own little 8 G memory stick for about $80.

It's also pricey, but hey - I do this post has something for every budget -- How about a remote control eagle? Find on Sharper Image for $359.95

Their description: Our majestic Remote Control Eagle soars, glides and loops like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With its detailed graphics and a massive wingspan of 6.5', this American icon will amaze onlookers with its lifelike grace and speed. The motor is cleverly positioned over the body, so no one below will know for sure if it’s the real thing. Assembles in minutes and operates on a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. Charger plugs into an AC outlet.

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