Saturday, December 20, 2014 - Full of Great Gifts for Your Techie, Tool Junkie or Fixit Fan

This is so good, it should have been on my Top Gifts of 2014 - and I will add it, but no one will see it now unless I make it's own post - and it deserves it too. I just discovered this from! There's lots on the website but they make great tool kits with all the things needed to get into your iPhone, tablets and computers - or when there are teeny tiny things like eye glasses or the battery/fuse boxes on Christmas lights that are INFINTESIMALLY small...

Here's a few selections - The Pro Tech Tool Kit for $64.95 down from $100!  I swiped their details below. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

70 tools help you dish out sweet repair justice.

  • The industry standard for computer repair technicians and businesses.
  • Tools selected based on data from our thousands of free repair guides.
  • Will tear down all mainstream laptops, cellphones, and flux capacitors.

Kit Contents:

How about this one, which they used at a place that rescued the info from my completely dead iPhone?
The Pro Tech Screwdriver Set for $59.95. These actually come tucked into their own little sheaths in a gray nylon velcro case similar to the one above. This pic just shows their ends better…. CLICK HERE TO BUY. Read their details below the pic:

One screwdriver set to rule them all

  • 15 fixed-bladed drivers make a wonderful addition to any workbench, eliminating lost and misidentified bits.
  • Specifically chosen by our technicians, these drivers will work great for 90% of electronics repairs.
  • High-quality SVCM (Silicon, Vanadium, Chrome, Magnesium) steel shafts with rubberized handles and spinning caps make these drivers iFixit staff favorites.
  • Black Oxide tip increases grip, durability, and corrosion resistance.
  • Bundled together in a custom-designed tool roll, this set collapses to a small 5" x 6.5" x 2" bundle.

Set Contents

And now for a few accessories that could be very helpful to your tinkerer. 

The Jimmy Tool, so named as it's just right for slipping into the hardest to reach gaps  to jimmy delicate metal pieces open.   Ergonomic handle.  CLICK HERE to buy for $7.96 GREAT STOCKING STUFFER.

And this magnetic work board, which I am sure will cut down on frustration and expletives as every one of those tiny metal pieces that could drop and become invisible will instead stick to the surface of this board that's like a placement for the thing they're working on. 

Line divided areas make it easy to stay organized and it doubles as a white board so they can mark what's what or note the order of steps to undo what they need to re-do.  CLICK HERE to buy for $19.95

And they were so nice as to make a GIFT GUIDE for your tool or fix-it junkie. Categories are: Gifts Under $25 and Socking Stuffers and IFIXIT Exclusives. Don't hesitate to check it out!

And the rest of the site has guides for how to fix many things, from your computer to camera, your car to appliances, as well as a question and answer forum. Amazing! 

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