Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ugly Christmas Suits and Hanukkah Sweaters- Have a Sense of Humor if Not a Sense of Style

They are totally serious too. Beat out the ugly Christmas sweater this year with a whole suit from Shinesty.com. For just $109 you can be the talk of the party - perhaps the entire new year - when you show up in ANY of these irresistible patterns. Virtually head to toe holiday spirit.

Or, save this one for New Years… for $99

And Valentines Day, you big Tiger… I mean, Leopard. Also $99

Thank you to reader Margo for sending these to me. Great call!

And why should Christmas just suffer? This company had the sense to make perhaps the first of their kind the ugly Hanukkah sweater - for men and for women  too - for just $64.00

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