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I usually do a very long list here but time is getting close for you to order some of these things, so I am going to post what I can when I can. I'll put a link to my past posts on Stocking Stuff so you can get an idea of other items. Here we go!

My niece told me these are AWESOME. She hates to carry her skis and saw someone using these. She figures they're at the bog box stores but she Googled around (and she is expert at it) and said she found these. There are kids as well as adult sizes. You can get them for $23 and less color choice at, or for many color combos at $28.90. They offer kids models as well.

They have snowboard straps too. CLICK HERE for those. 

Try these cardboard folding campfire starters - keeps room for airflow and is treated a little like a dura flame so it burns slowly enough for the wood to catch, even in drizzle. Only $12.38. Order HERE now on UNIKA!

These animal mugs from Budd + Finn double as unusual votives and have various sizes depending on the animals - great for kids and adults alike. Available in:  Squirrel, Rabbit, Fawn, Cat, Hedgehog, Fox, Bear or Moose from $14.50 -$22.50 ea.

The Brunton Power Knife: This little pocket size tool has a Universal USB port plug on one end, and pull out plugs for several kinds of devices: Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, and micro usb Google around for the best price. Amazon has a few for about $52.

How about these by WURKIN STIFFS? Metal collar stays with a tiny magnetic dot - very powerful. His collars stay neat and in place WITHOUT those buttons that make his shirt look collegiate - or the under collar buttons that are just too tiny for real fingers to manipulate! CLICK HERE to get a set of 3 for $40 or just one for $20. TIP: Must order by 12/18 to get by 12/24 - and get $25 off your first online order -- so the $40 become15!!!

I love these - for under $10 you can get these motion-sensor drumsticks that make 6 different sounds so they can go wild air drumming.  Call your local Bed Bath and Beyonds to see if they have them in stock before you drive there. If it's too late to order online, google them and you'll find them somewhere - Macys, JC Penny and Amazon have them but they're $14.95 at the first two and $26 at Amazon! If there's time, ORDER HERE at BB&B for only $9.99.

Uggs, the famous warm boot maker from Australia makes sheepskin insoles you can cut to fit shoes or boots to create comfort and warmth… I would imagine they would need to go into shoes that are a little roomy and better, ones that have removable insoles, so they wouldn't become tight, though it will also mold to your sole. CLICK HERE to buy for $14.95. 

This industrial-grade stainless steel rack helps expunge bacteria while keeping it clean with two distinct shelves for your separate sponges. A slot for your "good sponge" (used for counter top and dishes) and "evil sponge" (sink and drain) helps you keep track of your scrubbers without sacrificing space or style. The SpongesterTM with bendable, semi-perforated shelves that encouragse drainage and inhibit bacterial growth. Made in the USA. Find at Uncommon Goods for $28.

I bought green versions of these at Home Depot in the gardening center in the summer to hold up weak stems in my veggie garden, but some genius realized they hold your stemware upright and help prevent spills when you're outside picnicking. You can get a pair of these wine glass state sets from for $14.95

Pizza Fans? If you make it at home this stainless steel oversized spatula transfers hot pizza from the pan to the plate without burns from bubbling cheese. Wood handle keeps cool in the process. 6"L x 8"W x 3"H For $14.99.  CLICK HERE.

Both of these sleep masks are the best out there, and both are ON SALE. They completely shut out the light unlike the ones made of silk or thin, cheap ones --and are uber-comfortable. The fuzzy one ($13)has padding that makes your eyes feel heavy the way they do when tired and really help me, who does not fall asleep or stay asleep easily sleep heavily for hours. 

The other ($9) is lightweight and great for people who feel they need to blink if they need to or who have eyelash extensions. from

GENERAL SOCK STUFF TIPS: Don't forget to go to a drugstore, toy store, or for things like Slinkys, Silly Putty, candy coal in a bag. Get their favorite candy, even sugar free or gluten free, and don't forget a candy cane- if only for looks! They make giant ones, and flavored ones as well if peppermint isn't their thing. 

For health nuts, there are lots of little bags of fruits and nuts, power bars, chocolate bars and acai and blueberry gummy bears etc…

And don't forget the gift cards you can buy anywhere from the drug store to the grocery store - They are doing packs of 3 for $10 each of things like Amazon, Gamestop, Subway, Starbucks and iTunes which makes them perfect stocking stuffers. 

I hope to be posting more ideas but check out my posts from past years in this fun category - if not all the prices are the same or the links work, just Google around and you will likely still find it! 
CLICK HERE for more Stocking Stuff!

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