Tuesday, December 16, 2014

William Sonoma Went Wild for Chanukah

Chanukah begins this evening. Thank goodness for 8 days, because I am late with this post!

While I do have a category that you may have already looked in, I thought I couldn't find anything that was new… until last night, when I was pleasantly surprised to discover that William Sonoma has a whole page devoted to it.  Here is the best of the bunch - and act fast if ordering Latkes.

TIP: Enter code FREESHIP at check out. 

I think this is a wonderful gift or using it yourself to bake gifts in it: The Star of David bunt cake pan for only $29.95.

Elegant dreidel place card holders, embellished with the letters for nes gadol haya sham (a great miracle happened there). Artisans craft them by hand in the ancient art of cloisonné, using filigrees of wire to create the delicate details, and then firing the glass enamel to produce a vibrant, shimmering finish. Can be made into napkin rings as well - no two are alike. CLICK HERE to buy at $19 each. 

Giant Caramel Apple with Nuts (sorry to those who are allergic! Why didn't they make one without too?)  $34 Certified Kosher by CRC.

There are three Latke offerings BUT MUST ORDER BY 12/17, for "Christmas" delivery (odd to say that): The set of "extra-sweet" minis, great for entertaining or keeping kids occupied, for 48 count for $49, or these full size Latkes.

And these minis which are GLUTEN FREE! Also for $49.  ORDER BY 12/17. They were made in a factory that contains wheat, if that is a deterrent.  Looks YUMMY!

And how about this vintage design Le Cruset cast iron pan in blue? "Re-creates the enameled cast-iron cookware that Chuck Williams brought over from France over half a century ago. This heat-retaining wood-handled fry pan has straight sides and a black-enameled interior that requires no seasoning." From $99-145.

They had a nice little gift box filled with these shortbread cookies and brownies, for $24, certified Kosher by Star-K.

And CLICK HERE for their cupcakes. They have dreidles, stars and gold coins atop blue frosting but are $59 for 9 of them, so I didn't list them. If you have an unlimited budget or they are just right, go for it!   Make cookies of your own with this set of four cookie cutters, each with a different hebrew letter, for $24.99. Makes a nice childrens' gift on one of the early nights, so you can use them together through the holiday.

A pretty two tiered serving stand to offer cookies and gold coins to guests… with a silver- rimmed blue pattern of temple  menorahs. There are other plate sets and serving trays with this same pattern. For $59.

Put it all on a table cloth, inspired by Miriam, sister and protector of the baby Moses, incorporating her symbol, a stylized hand. Jacquard woven from yarn-dyed cotton, the smooth, they say the lustrous tablecloth will only become softer and more beautiful with time and use. Yarn-dyed 100% cotton. 14" border design. Machine-wash. Three sizes, price ranging from $129-159. They also sell napkins and runners as shown here.

Forgive this shiksa if I botch it, but it comes from the heart:
Chag Chanuka Sameach! to all who celebrate. 

You can find previous posts for Chanukah/Hanukkah by CLICKING HERE. If links don't work just Google around and you should find it. Prices may have slightly changed.

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