Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New! For the Holidays 2015

The last two years in November, I've taken part in National Novel Writing month, where one devotes all their spare time to write a book - or 50,000 words in 30 days.  November is also the major time for me to ramp up this gift blog, amid all the other duties we all have that month!

It's a big project to find great gifts for all budgets and tastes. Besides finding interesting items, I do extensive research to bring you the best price,  then hyper link the item to it, with descriptions and dimensions.

So this year, as I again share this November to complete the book, I'm going to try something a little different.

I will spend the time bringing great gift ideas to you, but I may not always hyperlink or write as many details on items that don't really need them.  Most folks have become pretty good at finding things (and comparing prices) online, or have always taken my suggestions and further researched them anyway.


*A plethora of great gift ideas at your fingertips sparing you the trouble! I try to honor all beliefs and traditions - send me an email or comment if you have ideas yourself, or if I am missing something specific to a holiday I might not know as much about as you do.

* The TOP PICKS of 2015 which brings you what I feel are the top gifts of the year from all sources across the board. This is often the best category to click on on the right of the blog to find the best all round people pleasers and top quality items. Again, if links have changed Google to find it for today.

* Some posts on the best of a given store/catalog  IE: Great Gifts from Eddie Bauer or Restoration Hardware or Toys R US and tag them so you can search by store or category giving you more ways to get the right posts for your personal needs

* I will still do the most popular themed posts like "For the Book Lover". Themed posts for Movie and Music Lovers is changing because of technology - while I can still recommend books that also have electronic versions to give, online sources such as Netflix and Hulu, iTunes and Amazon are changing how we can gift things like the old CD's or DVD's... stay tuned as we figure that out together.

*My very popular TIPS in red!

* One-on-one advice from me. If you are having trouble finding something for someone on your list, just write to me in the comments section with your email and I will do my best to make suggestions.

* Special discounts / codes (often in red too, complete with expiration time listed) whenever possible.

Gift posts will continue into December and feature items for the last minute giver, homemade gifts (maybe even some recipes), stocking stuffers!

Don't forget to SHOP VIA CATEGORY,  found on the right side of the blog (like Hard to Buy For, For Kids, etc)  -- and check out posts from prior years for items which are often still available. If links have changed, just Google to find it today.

It IS the season for giving so give this blog as a great little gift to everyone you know! 

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That will be MY greatest gift from you, dear reader. 

Let's get this party started!

Happy Giving!

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