Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tom Petty Autobiography

Never too early to start looking for gifts to stick in the back of a closet or hide in the attic. Not just for Petty fans, but for biography lovers, music aficionados or fans of anything written well:

You can check out more here on TomPettyBook.com for reviews and accolades or go straight to order it at your local book source. While everything is offered on Amazon, if you're buying a physical book, which I still think should be done unless someone will only read on their electronics, I urge you to give business to your local mom and pop bookstore to keep those charming bastions of the torch alive - or even Barnes and Noble (which offers discounts - especially if you sign up for their card. Even if not, today it's $21 in hardback online instead of $30- a 25% savings) and other of the last bookstores so they don't disappear entirely.  

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