Tuesday, November 24, 2015

28 Retailers Close for Thanksgiving Day

Found this article and thought you might find it interesting - what retailers are closed for Thanksgiving, so their employees can enjoy a day of gratitude with their families - and it makes it easier for you to do it too.

The Daily Kos: 28 Retailers Closing for Thanksgiving.

For all this site is about, I never forget that the gift of your presence is the best thing. That time with each other is the most valuable thing you can give. So cook together, eat together, watch movies together, play in the yard or the park together, volunteer, deliver food to shut ins, consider visiting with some one elderly if you know they are alone (especially a neighbor), cuddle the pets, hug each other,  pull out the decorations, play board or card games, have fun - it's al FREE!

Next, there may be an article like this re: Black Friday. My advice to you is to stay home, and shop online in safety, without spending on gasoline or parking,  while staying in your pajamas with the fam! Believe me, there are just as many deals online as there are in stores. And many places have free shipping - and there is plenty of time to get it well before the holidays.


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