Friday, November 27, 2015

A Smattering of Gift Goodies

Looky Here - Remember the old fashioned Santa mugs? My mom had these... this is something that your kids or grandkids would love. Or the kid in you.

  • 3" diameter, 3" high; 8 fluid-ounce capacity
  • Handcrafted of earthenware with a hand-painted and -glazed finish.
  • Set of 4 with different expressions.
  • Microwave- and dishwasher safe.
They also carry the vintage snowmen and the cheeky reindeer mugs you may remember too - for $12.50 each

How about these unusual and beautiful woodland stockings- can get with or without name (extra $10) - your choice of four colors of thread. Snowy owl, Squirrel or Polar Bear. On sale today for $27.50 Take a wild guess which one I ordered....

Pottery Barn's antiqued tray is an excellent solution to cheese and crackers. The center is made of marble for cutting cheeses and keeping their temperature - and the best part, the little rows on either side for crackers. Mine always fall off a flat cutting board. Not cheap but a really nice gift they will not already have at $89

  • 16.25" wide x 10.25" deep x 1.25" high 
  • Made of aluminum with an antique silver finish.
  • Center portion is made of marble.

Not sure how long this will last but this glass deco inspired martini shaker in red is on sale for only $9.99. Beautiful and elegant, the pop of color adds a little fun. 

UDON Noodle Soup Bowls: These are deep and might be weighty when filled with noodles or stew, but they keep it warm and have a place for chopsticks to rest if you're using them and can make a perfect gift for someone you know. Whether it's your college student who lives on Ramen, or the vegetarian in your life... $36 from Uncommon Goods. Lots of reviews to read if you need to.

For your tea-drinker, here are two different types of Tea infusers from MOMA, that get around the mess of loose tea.  One is a neat stick for $25

and the other is the shape of a tea bag for $30. Prices are less for MOMA members. SO much easier than the little ball that falls apart, or the in-vessel strainers that can make tea too strong.

There are lots of flameless candles out there - and I've seen some with a flickering type of flame, but so far, these are the most realistic I've found. 

Luminaria pillars --These are the BOMB! Made of real wax, pop in two batteries on the bottom and turn on and off with a switch. A little led light and some kind of rocking device are hidden below the little tongue and it produces realistic firelight... has a slight vanilla scent. (I'm highly allergic to scents and I am fine with it). These have the dip from "melting" which also add to realism. If you put these on a shelf, you haven risk and a really lovely flickering glow. In two sizes, $34-39.99

And a set of two 8" tapers for $49.99. They aren't cheap, but they will pay for themselves in long hours, no wax accidents, and no fires... Highly recommend them! Bed Bath and Beyond comes with those 20% off coupons so you will want to try using them these.

The pictures don't come CLOSE to what they look like in real life. You have to trust me on this one - or see them on display in your local BB&B.

Mario Cold Brewer $25 at MOMA. This sleek coffee pot is guaranteed to simplify your caffeine routine—at least when it comes to mastering the elusive art of cold-brewed coffee. Made by the nearly 100-year-old Japanese glass manufacturer Hario, this cold brewer is engineered for optimum flavor and specifically designed to extract the full rich flavors of your favorite beans. Just add ground coffee, slowly top it off with water, lightly stir and chill overnight. In the morning, you'll awake to the full-bodied, rich taste of perfectly made iced coffee. Includes a permanent filter.

The Berry Buddy: For people who like berries - you know it's hard to rinse them. I do it in my hands but they inevitably drop out or I make a mess. This stoneware drainer is a really unique gift. $46,  from Uncommon Goods.

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