Monday, November 16, 2015

Great Gifts for High Schoolers

This is the last in a 5 part series on kids gifts from Writer and mother Lynne M Favreau. When she offered to blog during this busy month, I not only knew I would be providing you with top notch gift ideas with both practical and relevant.  

High School (14+)

Editor's note: I'm poaching here to add a few items to the series on gifts for kids newborn through high school generously written by guest blogger M Lynne Favreau. 

A tough category since besides being autonomous free thinkers, a lot of them have their own money to spend on clothes, music and movies. Luckily, they are now old enough to be trusted with the fine china and you can safely spend a little more. Though my own 19 and 18 year-old daughters likely  have big ticket items like cars, and plane tickets on their wish lists-they are still getting socks. You can never go wrong with fun socks. - Lynne

Apple Nike  + iPod Sports kit   $29.00

Got a kid into sports who needs to train, or a runner?  They take their music with them - but they'll take it to the next level with this! You get a wireless sensor and receiver, which works exclusively with Nike+ shoes and the iPod nano to give real-time feedback during workouts. It also lets them track  (and improve) their performance on a Mac or PC. 

Crime Scene Science Kit
Solve the "Mystery of the Disappearing Diamonds" with this crime scene lab kit! With it kids will be able to explore the field of forensic science and perform seven fun & detailed experiments to determine which of four suspects is responsible for stealing the precious stones.
Projects include dusting and fuming for fingerprints, fingerprint analysis, chromatography & ink analysis, blood type analysis (using simulated blood samples), and fiber analysis using a flame test. $55.95 at hometrainingtools

The BIG SPLURGE: Robotics

Take LEGO to the next level with MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0. Combining the versatility of the LEGO building system with a microcomputer brick and intuitive programming software, this building kit enables you to construct robots that see, speak, feel, and move. Designed for ages 10 and up, the 2.0 robotics tool set features everything you need to create and program your first robot in approximately one hour. After that, you can create an endless lineup of robots that do what you want--if you can dream it, you can build it. $606.81 at Amazon

If your kid doesn't have a tablet, consider the Kindle Fire - just because of all it can do. You may be a mac family, so you would be going for an iPad or iPad mini for the same of convenience. Right now this KINDLE 7" display, with 8G and wifi is at a REALLY affordable price of ONLY $49.99

But if you consider a fire, -- or if your kid already has one, maybe you want to get them these cool7"  Kindle Fire covers, which come in TEN colors and patterns for $16. 

MOSS Zombonitron 1600
Build upon your budding interest in robotics. Combine the 16 included robot pieces and 56 steel spheres to create hundreds of robot curiosities that respond to proximity or light. There are many other kits available at a variety of price points. $199.95 at modrobotics
Looking to give a BIG gift this year? How about one of the game tables from Franklin Sports?  The Quickset Air hockey is only $159 for hours of fun played by multiple people. The black and blue colors make it even cooler.

Or a 48 " Foosball set for $169: If you don't have a game room or want to keep it taking up space in the basement or living room, look how easily it folds away!

This Basketball Pro set for $179 will give them hours of fun or you can get a table top tennis set that works on any free standing table in the house. 

How about a Bean Bag Chair? This can't help but get ENORMOUS use in their bedroom, the basement or your game room... and can be taken to college if they're going. Click HERE for a variety of style, prices and colors. This shiny one comes in four colors, for $31 from Walmart.

Don't forget that while it's not in a big box, they'd LOVE Netflix or Hulu subscription for a year,  
And there's always the latest Wii, or new games for that, or a nice Amazon gift card...

For more great gift ideas for Teens CLICK HERE to see all past posts. I try to keep up on the links but there are 6 years of past posts - If a link is dead, just Google to find where an item is currently sold! Thank you! Rochelle

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