Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Sampling of Stocking Stuffers


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For your guitar player, these are so cool. Metal guitar pick punch with plastic pick sheets. Pick-A-Palooza  $25 Amazon. You can also get extra pick sheets like these for $15.

Here's a BRIGHT idea whose time has come - an lil' internal light. For just $12 you can tuck this in their stocking - and they can tuck this in her computer bag, brief case, purse to SEE what's in there... yay. Restoration Hardware.

Conscious Ink through Choose from 9 different positive, playful and powerful themes of temporary tattoos - for kids, men and women.   Each pack is $20 and contains 8 different messages on the given theme.

Get them a longer charging cord! Find everywhere from Bed Bath and Beyond, to Target to Radio Shack. Just be sure that it really isn't such a cheap brand that it won't work well with the device. Never hurts to get it right from the maker's store, made for the device. Can get in 3', 6' and 10'. I love the 10' because it removes the struggle with trying to keep a charging phone or iPad on your desk or nightstand without it not reaching or falling off all the time. 6' can help it be less awkward in the car. And you can get them now in a more flexible mesh in colors like rose gold, silver and black. Google cords in the length you want for your device's brand.

or click here to get them any kind of new cord, charger or cable they need. They are so easily messed up, it might be nice to get a new one. APPLE devices HERE

And add in this really nice way to keep those cords tied. The Leaf Keepers, set of 12 for $7 on AMAZON.

FINALLY! The unicorn horn you've been looking for! Sparkly and all that!. Land of Nod $19.95

Check this out - never heard of this before: THESE BALLS BOUNCE ON THE WATER! You heard that right. Fun for the water baby on your list. Come in several colors and patterns. Waboba... Under $10 on AMAZON


Night Runner LED glow shoe clips - just what they say they are. Clip to the heels of your shoes, keeps you a little safer when running (or biking) after the sun sets. ON SALE! More than half off at the time of this publication from Open Sky. $14.99 down from $34.

Shakespearian Insult bandages $11.99 on AMAZON for 15 of them. 
They'll use them even without cuts and scratches!


They look like normal bootlaces but American-made Survival Laces use 550 paracord with the standard 7 strands of nylon and one strand of fishline in the core. The strands are good for building shelter, repairing gear, building a weapon or trap, bandaging a wound, catching game, & so on. There’s also flint & tinder embedded in the lace. $8-24.

Very cool for adults as well as kids, TWO DOZEN Temporary Hand Tatoos, 3/25" high. 
Only $6.99 from Fun Express.

Or try these, which are a little bigger and thicker than the ones above. I have bought these in museum stores before and given them to people. 8 for $7.95 on AMAZON.

And while we're getting goofy, how about these Pick Your Nose cups?!? I've bought them -- they're sure to bring laughs to your holiday gatherings - or any other kind of party.  There are a dozen different nose designs that come in the package of 24 total. On sale for $8.63 ON AMAZON.

The cups themselves are sturdy - the highest quality hot/cold paper.

CLICK HERE to buy 24 animal nose cups for under $9. Really, these will make you very popular. 

To see all past posts for Stocking Stuff, CLICK HERE. If links have changed, just Google the item for where it's currently sold! And there are so many good suggestions - I hope you find some good things. I give stocking stuffers - or full stockings - to most of my grown up friends and family. I think everyone has the most fun with these over much bigger gifts.  It's my favorite part!

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