Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bespoke Post: A Unique By The Month Gift for Men

BESPOKE POST is an interesting box service of the month for guys. TIP: As of this date get 25% Off your first box when you subscribe with the code MYFIRST at checkout.  You can get them one box for $55, 3 boxes for $135 and so on, of curated goods around a theme, like the below:

CLICK HERE for gift subscription. If they want to continue on their own, its $45 a month. They get a description of what one of a kind boxes are available. He has the 5th to decide if he wants it, wants to pick a different box, or skip the theme this month. When the box ships, the charge goes through.

Free shipping, easy returns.  It also makes how to videos on their theme, interviews with the product makers and tips and tricks available online. Click around on their site for more details.

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