Thursday, December 10, 2015

Come on Baby, Light My Fire Pot

You can find these gel fire pots all over, and a few places have very modern, lovely designs. But I have not seen ones this nice - or ones that can go on the wall. TOUCH OF MODERN has limited time sales on lots of items, and these are on sale still at the moment.

Here's a sampling:

Lexington Beige $139

"These fireplaces emanate rich heat without soot, vents or gas lines. The dancing orange flames effortlessly replicate an organic wood-burning fireplace without giving off dangerous chemicals. Place these eco-friendly designs on your floor or mount them on your wall. These stainless steel sculptures incorporate warmth and beauty into your lifestyle."

Lexington Red $139

Metropolitan $129

SOHO Stainless $309

Manhattan - Sale price: $119.00

Sutton, $89

Order extra gel fuel by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Between $39-49.

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