Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tom Dixon Form Tea Set

I try to post things for all budgets and tastes. This is a beautiful and unique art object as tea set that would make a beautiful gift for just the right person or couple. 
"The Tom Dixon Form Tea Set epitomizes the sophistication of British Afternoon Tea. All pieces are made from spun brass, polished and then dipped in a warm gold wash to give a subtle matte surface. The Tray is stamped from a single sheet of brass, with ridges adding as much in strength as in decoration." From
Available in 6 styles:
Form Tea Pot- 9.84”h, 5.71”w, $200.00
Form Jug- 10.04”h, 3.46”w, $140.00
Form Milk Jug- 3.54”h, 2.95”w, $85.00
Form Sugar Dish + Spoon- 2.36”h, 4.33”d, $102.00
Form Tea Caddy- 4.92”h, 3.35”w, $85.00
Form Tray- 19.29”l, 17.32”w, $220.00

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