Sunday, February 7, 2016

Makin' Whoopee Takes on New Meaning for Valentines Day

CHOCOCOCA Baking Company in MA makes the freshest, most tasty, to-die for mini whoopee pies in many unique flavors - some seasonal - from the freshest ingredients, right on the premises. I know. I haunt the place regularly. And they ship anywhere in the country (details here). So whether you live the next town over or across the country, get your order in now!!

At a charming 2" each, they are small enough to enjoy a sampling. Best yet, they come in very elegant packaging. So you are giving a helluva lot while spending affordably.  Sold individually or choices for multiples. GOOD NEWS: They make gluten free versions too.

TIP: If you're long distance, simply call them to see what's what in terms of deadlines and shipping at 978-499-8889 or email

This stuff is the best. A nice change to the same old chocolates!

Here is Valentines Day Special Box that anyone would LOVE to receive:

Having connected with Jenny's Wedding Cakes, you can get some special messages like the below. I am not sure if there are any limits to what holds up during shipping, so please do call them as suggested, since Valentines Day is growing closer.

Choose from:

Velvet Chocolate w/ vanilla cream cheese (their twist on red velvet).
Chocolate w/ espresso cream
Chocolate w/ raspberry cream
Chocolate w/ chocolate ganache

This also makes a fabulous hostess gift, a great dessert to bring to a potluck or cocktail party (you will be the MOST popular) and I always put it on my prize table at my Oscar Party!  

TIP: Don't forget to buy yourself a few to take home, grab your book and a bubbly tub or a fire and have an utterly DIVINE winter evening!

I met husband and wife team Julie Ganong and Alan Mons when they had a corner store when I first moved here and was on the hunt for the most Parisian croissant, which I do everywhere I go. I stopped in, and had the most wonderful, relaxed chat with them and went back again and again.  They are lovely people, and very active in the community. 

Within months, they made a leap to an enormous, gorgeous, wonderful loft-like bakery and coffee shop in the Tannery in Newburyport and have done nothing but thrive. They make best bran muffin around (and you know how hard that is to find), scones in flavors that make me stand for 5 full minutes trying to decide which to get each time and their coffee is always perfect. And their croissants passed the Yes Test.

I do this blog precisely to turn people on to finding something unique and truly good. I wade through the muck so you can go straight for the pearl. So make sure to check out Chococoa, in person, or online! Yes, they do corporate gifts and even ship internationally - just contact them and go from there. 

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