Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sterling Silver Nail Rings - A Fun Valentines Day Gift!

Here's something I've never seen before - a nail ring. Get one, get a few. Looks like they come in four designs. Probably should order quickly to get in time.  Sizes look adjustable.

Order through and get 20% off as of the time of publication. $15.95 each instead of $20. Really unique without breaking the bank. Notice some are more square at the tip, some more pointy - may not matter but take that into consideration as you look at what she does with her own nails to get a clue what she might like.

Ring Dimension:
A: Ring Surface Ht: 3 cm        Fingernail Width: 0.7 cm
B: Ring Surface Ht: 3.95 cm   Fingernail Width: 0.7 cm
C: Ring Surface Ht: 3.95 cm   Fingernail Width: 1.10 cm

D: Ring Surface Ht: 3.85 cm   Fingernail Width: 0.95 cm

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