Saturday, February 6, 2016

Valentines Day Gifts Galore!

Here is one big post with a lot of ideas, from the innocent to the naughty. Keep scrolling till you find something that's juuuuust right.

First up, I love this one. You can put all your important dates on a canvas - but you need to order fast. If not, it's great for an anniversary, or any special celebration between you. Personalize with couples names up to 27 characters, 1-5 dates up to 8 characters each and 1-5 date descriptions up to 30 characters each. Measures 8"Lx10"H   $39 from Red Envelope.

Sin In Linen is a great name for sheets, duvets, and more that have a little pizazz. Some are bold beautiful henna patterns, some are pink called Poppy playground, some are chain embroidered. They have Betty Paige Shower curtains, a rainbow pride duvet, gothic items and Geisha themes… A fun site to look through.

How about these deco sheet sets and duvets called Dem Deco from VICE MERCHANTS. That link will give you all the choices and several close ups of each sheet set.

Like this close up of fun under the sea themes! Prices are from about $59-200 but a few go up a little higher.

Or these Phone cases from Society 6, for $35. 

Nothing seems like it's graduated from being mostly women depicted…

CLICK HERE for Bombs Away by Keith P. Rein.

for Elegant Peach and Ivory - looks like lingerie on skin to me.
Magic Mike is great eye candy for both guys and gals - depending on what floats your boat. It's just jam packed with erotic moves and pounding beats that get your adrenaline going like any good rock concert. It will teach you ALL the moves you need to know.  And the story actually holds water. 

Editors note: I didn't see the sequel to report on it, but there IS one... 
(I think I may have to do my homework on that)

Get romantic if you met over music back in the day…. PERFECT for a certain set, and you know who you are. No explanation needed. Personalize this mixed tape pillow from

Or, how about this 100% cotton Venn diagram-inspired throw pillow personalized with your names, a heart and a saying: Made for Each other, The Perfect Match, We are One... whatever you like. Get in blue as shown, white and slate gray, or wine red. $46 on Red Envelope

This lovely, delicate double hearty necklace is from one of my favorite Easy artisans - EDOR. I've ordered many delicate necklaces from them.  Edor also offers a single hanging silver heart on a gold chain for $23 HERE.  Find other hearts by Edor HERE or check out all their delicate, very affordable, high quality items HERE.

I own this pretty tiny collection of emerald colored hearts: $23

How about slipping your picture - or your kids - into these cufflinks? Sterling silver, Engraved with a single initial, each rectangular locket can hold a picture 3/8"Wx7/16"H. Locket measures approximately 1/2"WX5/8"H. $120 at Red Envelope

What I Love About You is a fill in the blank book with prompts. I think it's great if you can make your own, but if you don't feel that's in your wheelhouse, who would not be pumped to have something like this that they can keep and look at again and again?? At Barnes and Noble for $14

Or, maybe Why I Love You, a Journal of Us is for you.
"With prompts and questions, and places for photos and notes, this helps you express on paper how well you and your partner go together. Designed to be filled out by one partner and given to the other, or to be explored as a couple, this guided journal offers up insight and fun as you write your own love story in your own words! 96 lined pages. $8.99 

Our Q&A a Day - Wonderful possibilities! This is a journal of 356 days of the year, for 3 years, though if you Google, you can find them also for 5 years. There is a question each day and the idea is that both you and your love answer in a line or so, and do it all again the next year, and the next. How cool is it to look back and see how things change - or stay consistent. And regardless, the act itself can prompt conversation at times, or surprise your mate (a good thing if it's been awhile since that happened). Think of what you will learn about each other! $12-16

20 Poems to Bless Your Marriage for $19.95  "Marriage takes us on a journey that passes through seasons and stages, peaks and valleys. This book honors that journey through twenty poems that celebrate and illuminate some of these major stages and provides not only inspiration for the journey but also solace and wisdom."  From Roger Housden, the same guy who did  my much recommended Ten Poems to Change Your Life, this book is suggested to be "an inspirational guidebook as much as a volume of poetry."


There are so many more personalized options for Valentines on any day that they feel is special. Check out THIS LINK to see a few of my favorites. 

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