Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wrap Around His Waist for Valentines Day

Or for his birthday, Father's day, a promotion or new job gift, anniversary or no reason at all!  
A styling secret: A new belt worn with even old jeans or dress pants makes them look nicer and newer! Order these and get them in a few days - or make your own custom design below.

While there are many colors/textures, I'm featuring the new honey brown that's showing up on every well dressed man from James Bond to Jimmy Fallon to Bernie Sanders.  Instead of black leather with black, gray and navy, this color belt (and shoes) is what's happening now - and the best thing, we have designs for every kind of guy. 

If your guys could care less about trends, he'll be right in style without him even realizing it... and he'll certainly like your reaction to him when he wears it - THAT will make him appreciate it :) If he's practical - he'll be happy because this won't be outdated ever. For the connoisseur, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. WIN/WIN/WIN!

The Feather Edge - light weight, thin supple design, complete with both gold and silver interchangeable belt buckles for $89. Click the link and see it also in black (looks great) and dark brown.

Basic is beautiful with this stylist, elegant, and understated Allen Edmonds model in walnut. Choice of four colors for $98.
You can add a little texture with this tasteful Varanus Lizard belt in 6 colors, affordable for $139, that comes with two buckles, silver as pictured and a gold alternate as shown in the circle below.

Or get the same Varanus Lizard silver tipped, with just the one silver buckle to match for $164.

I know a lot of men who invest once in a Crocodile belt or boots. If yours is that guy, we have them - in six colors. Here's English Tan for $275 This comes with two buckles, silver as pictured and a gold alternate as shown in the circle below.

The silver tipped Caiman Crocodile belt in a brown, another of the 6 colors is $300. 

TIP:  CLICK HERE to see ALL choices of ready to wear belts in all colors, which will come to you in a matter of a few days. 


And this is really cool - you can CUSTOM design a belt for him! Pick from a selection of leathers or suedes, then picking the thread color that goes with it. Choose from one of two buckle shapes and you'll get that in both Gold and silver so he can change them out. TIP: Even if this does not arrive in time, you can print and wrap a pic and make a coupon for the way you will help him try it on - or take it off once it arrives. 

Here is one of my favorite combinations. Subtle but sharp. Goes with neat or brown dress pants as much as it could dress up jeans or club wear. $135- $105 with your $25 off your first order. CLICK HERE for this belt - or CLICK HERE to see all the options. Click on a thread color and the picture changes to reflect it.

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