Monday, April 25, 2016

Mothers Day Bling by Lizzy James

With Alex and Ani bracelets essentially bringing the charm bracelet back into vogue, here's a company that makes something a little different: Lizzy James.  There are some designs you can wear as a either bracelet or a necklace. Perfect! All handmade in the USA.

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I like the cotton cord colors - steel blue, greens, red, peony, mustard (there are 61 hues to choose from!), and the more natural strands rather than metal chains... so if you have someone on your list who likes a bit more natural look, especially in the warm summer months, this might be your solution. 

You can get your choice of 22K gold plate, sterling silver, stainless steel, at prices ranging from under $60 to over $200. 

Here's a gold and silver example - a classic 4 strand for $89.95:

The charms say different things, and some have no charms at all. This poppy pink colored one with a hope charm for $59.95. Browse all charms HERE. 

If you want more metal though, the do make these versions as well.

Click on the link and have fun perusing the site to design just the right thing for someone special in your life. And don't forget to use the code CLASSIC for a 25% discount as of this publishing!

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