Thursday, November 24, 2016

APL Tech LOOM Phantom shoes

Look at these pretty shoes:
But looks aren't everything! They have the all-important comfort and support that are key to health and the rest of your body aligning correctly. 

They have a four-way stretch uppers, motion flex outsoles, soft, cushioned midsoles and - best of all in my opinion - they are made of soft, flexible fabric on top - that means nothing to rub your toes or any lumps and bumps you've developed along the way wearing other shoes. I like the white ones that have a line of metallic silver or gold along the sole. Beware they claim these are mens so check that you order the right size for you.

I also like that they come in classy neutrals and pastels - which means they can pass for a little dressier when you want to have the comfort and support of tennis shoes when you are wearing jeans and pants where those bright neons or big black things just look WRONG. (though they do have red, teal, etc).
They are $140-185 BUT you get 20% off if you order from Athletic Propulsion Labs using the code OPRAH. Oprah swears by these - she said she wore them in the Grand Canyon and they performed. Also, if you are going to order TWO pair which I did), you might want to order one and wait for the instant $20 off coupon they email to you within seconds of your order to use on your next.... 

TIP: At the bottom right of the page scroll all the way down to click the toggle that says SHOW: ALL so you can see them all on one page at once, to then click on colors and styles you like to investigate the details. 

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