Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Flashy Bilnky Brings Cheer and Makes for a Party!!

Whether you are from the disco days, dropped acid or did raves - or just like pretty lights, I get things like these and bring them to any party and get asked by everyone WHERE did you get THOSE. So they are a bona-fide HIT, and that's all you need to know to order some yourselves.

Some of these are at bargain prices for a limited time, so order and get them all in time for great stocking stuffers, fun at holiday dinners and parties, or even out caroling in the dark! Light up your world with these - I've tried them all!
Flashy Blinky Rings - the best deal and the best thing evah! Get a whole box of 24 for a little over a buck each and spread the glow, giving them out to people. GREAT for New Years, Great for any party that you want to make instantly festive.

You can get them in hard plastic gems but I don't like those - Get the gel balls or better yet, go for the assorted 24 pack. Press the center and the internal lights flash in three different colors and lasts for days!

You can buy them solo for about $3 ea but they cost less (around $1) in bulk. I always have a box to bring to something and it never fails to make the energy go through the roof! Good clean fun, so simple and costs so little!

I LOVE these gloves - have gotten some all black and some all white in the past and they are a huge hit with kids and teens as well as adults.  Only two days left apparently for this special price - and you can Google for more like these- but I have not seen gloves that have this much of the fingers lit up, so I LIKEY!.. Half off at $7.53 at

Baseball hats - nice in logo loss black with the brim able to light up (and light the face too), Can't tell if you order by color of it they can do all colors, but think it's the latter. For $5.29 ea... check out delivery times and go for it!

TIP: All orders from Dress Lily: use CODE CYBER1 to get $3 off orders of $40 and it goes up from there.

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